What am I going to do for the holiday weekend

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Okay I have been putting in a lot of thought about what I am going to do over this holiday weekend so I have some pretty good ideas. If any of you have any recommendations for fun stuff to do in or around Duluth please drop me an email. Speaking of recommendations I want to thank my friend John for telling me that Carpet Cleaning Duluth could probably help with cleaning up Rex’s mess from when he got sick. They came out last evening after hours, after I told them that I could not take the smell any longer. Sorry if I am grossing you out but they did a great job and my carpet smells like new, yay!

Anyway getting back to the weekend, I have been thinking about taking up bow hunting this fall, it’s not that I really want to go out and kill anything but more of a reason to just get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful fall weather that we have here in Minnesota. I think it would be fun to practice shooting at a bulls eye to see how good I can get. I do have to say though that I tried to pull by friends bow back the other night and it was really hard, I could only get it a little ways back. I think it would come with practice and also being his is a guys bow with like 60 or 70 pound resistance or something like that, might have something to do with the fact that I couldn’t pull it back. I think I would probably need something in the 45 pound category.

I’m not sure what the rules are in Minnesota for shooting a deer with a bow and what the bag limit is, I guess I will have to check the DNR website and read up on the rules. Someone told me that you can shoot like 5 deer but who really needs that much meat. I think that might only be in the Duluth city limits and I believe that you have to go to get certified or something to hunt within the city limits. I did already mention that I’m not that interested in killing a deer but I do like the venison being that it is one of the best organic meats you can get, nice and lean and tasty if you cook it right.

If anyone in the Duluth area is interested in letting me hunt on their property please drop me an email as I would really appreciate it. I don’t really know the outlying areas very well and I wouldn’t want to get lost in the middle of nowhere. I could bring Rex with me because he always can find his way home but then I probably wouldn’t see any deer.

I think I am going to go up and talk to my friends at Gander Mountain this weekend and they can probably give me some good advice on the type of equipment I need and the rules of bow hunting. Who knows maybe one of them would even let me hunt with them.

I did go to school with a couple of the guys that work there so sometimes it’s good to have an in. I am going to leave this post up for a bit so hope someone will see it and make me some offers.

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend. I do need to go and tend my Moms grave at the cemetery and probably also my grandparents.

See you again soon.


May 27, 2016