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Before I talk about Helicopters I would like to ask every ones opinion on a good carpet cleaner in Duluth, My dog Rex must have gotten into some bad garbage or something. Last night I went for a short shopping trip and when I got back he had thrown up all over the house. I’m talking bedroom, living room, and kitchen and even on the couch. I tried to clean it up but it still stinks so bad I can hardly stand it. I really need to deal with it soon. Thank you for your recommendations in advance.

I know that my site is supposed to be about old airplanes from World War Two etc but sometimes I get a little sidetracked. It is my blog site after all and therefore it is my right to take it in any direction I see fit. So for those of you who are disappointed when a get off track a bit, please bare with me and I will hopefully be back on topic soon in another post. I didn’t realize helicopters where such intricate machine to fly. I have a friend that just got his license at the flying place here to fly these birds and I was quite amazed at all the trials and tribulations he had trying to learn to fly the beast. I think he had well over 1000 hours just learning how to do everything with the instructor by his side. He told me the hardest thing to do was to learn to hover just a few feet off the ground. Now I would have thought that would have been the easy part and landing would be the most difficult but not according to him. It think he said he had to try over 200 times to get the hovering thing down. He was ready to give up and call off the whole learning to fly thing but his instructor had a heart to heart talk with him and get him back on track. He told me it was more of an attitude adjustment that was spoken in not so kind words that I couldn’t repeat on here. Anyway he is flying all over the place now and really enjoys it. He has offered to take me up and fly over Duluth and Lake Superior at night which I am sure would be beautiful but I am pretty much a chicken to get into anything other than a commercial airplane. I have to say I really don’t trust a new pilot with my life. 

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May 26, 2016