Last Holiday Weekend

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Well I didn’t accomplish much over the Memorial Day Weekend other than I did get over to Gander Mountain to talk to my friends about the whole bow hunting thing. I got a chance to shoot a couple of bows in their indoor shooting range which was kind of fun. The lighter bows which are made more for girls like me where much easier to pull back. I was amazed that once you get those things pulled back it seems like I could hold it there forever, no resistance whatsoever.

I am still on the fence about this whole bow hunting thing though but one of my guy friends did say that he has access to some land that we could hunt on. I guess they don’t allow firearms hunting on the property which is fine with me; also I would feel much safer. I have had a couple of close calls with idiots in the woods who are not very safe hunters. I thought in order to get a firearms permit you have to go through gun safety training. Apparently they didn’t pay much attention in class.

Life is way too short to hunt around idiots like that. I don’t need to take any chances on making my life any shorter because some fool didn’t know how to practice sage hunting habits. The real reason I want to bow hunt is just to get away from it all. The fall is such a great time to be in the woods in Northern Minnesota, beautiful colors, mild temperatures and pretty much no bugs. What more can a person ask for.

The nice thing about hunting on private land is you don’t have to worry about strangers coming through on their atv or utv or whatever you call those machines these days. That would be a good way to ruin a nice peaceful day. Anyway I guess I will sign off for now. This week is going by so fast and I haven’t accomplished a thing so I had better get busy.

Talk to you all soon!


June 2, 2016