Plains Trains & Automobiles

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Okay I know my site is supposed to be about Fighter jets from years gone by but today I would like to talk a little bit about my favorite ways to travel and what I feel the benefits of each are and what some of the negatives are for each. First let’s start off with automobiles, now one of the reasons I like to travel in a car or truck is because you get to see the country. I just don’t usually have the time to travel by car. It’s hard to get enough time off to take a proper road trip. To me a proper road trip is at least 10 days long and preferable 2 weeks. What’s nice about a road trip is if you see something interesting you just pull over and take a look. I also like stopping at the little country cafes in the middle of nowhere, it’s kind of interesting how the locals will just stare at you like they have never seen another human being before. The first time this happened to me I actually went into the restroom to see if I had a booger or something on my face.

The 2nd way I like to travel and also probably the most convenient is by air. I enjoy flying because you can just kick back and relax, usually I will take a nap and by the time I wake up I am almost at my destination. Of course flying is not always the cheapest way to travel but if you want or need to get somewhere quick than it is the only way to go. Some of my dislikes of flying are the seats are cramped for those of us that can’t afford to travel first class. That being said you can always upgrade to the roomier seats with better leg room for a premium price. You would think they would just want everyone to be comfortable but the airlines know that the planes are usually full no matter what the customer service is like. Someday I think people will get fed up with it all and just drive.

The next option I want to talk about is trains. Yes I know there are not very many trains anymore that go across country unless you are on a scenic tour or something. I have always fantasized about riding a train and sleeping in their little bunk areas. Trains are not cheap either as a matter of fact I have seen some outrageous prices on some of the tours they offer, but I still think it would be a fun and relaxing way to travel.

Another option is traveling across country by bus but that is something that I have absolutely no interest in.

Well I am going to sign off for now but will talk soon.



June 10, 2016